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The Workshop aims to provide the most up-to-date tools and the most advanced procedures for architectural design, surveying, design and visualization, that is, for the dissemination of the project, architecture and cultural heritage. The Workshop also intends to establish itself as a privileged observatory on the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in architectural and sustainable design, examining both the technical aspects and the new procedures foreseen by the regulations regarding this new philosophy of organization of the project representation.

On one hand the Workshop focuses on three-dimensional modeling, image management (static and dynamic) with visual effects in post production and representation through the use of 3D printers: procedures that allow effective visualization and understanding of design processes and/or reconstruction of historical buildings.

On the other hand, the Workshop deals with B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling), seen as a logic and information resource, where the designer is at the center of the construction process, at the small, medium and large scale. In recent years, in fact, the project, from idea to testing, has been breaking up into a myriad of sectors often managed by different professionals, with inevitable coordination problems that affect the design processes disconnected from each other, whose origins fall back, from time to time, on the key terms of the proposal, slowing down the process and considerably exacerbating costs.

Also the new code of the contracts and the concessions to the art. 23 c.13 provides for the rationalization of design activities and related checks through the progressive use of specific electronic methods and tools such as modeling for construction and infrastructure. With B.I.M. the representation can return to have a primary role in the information management of the whole project, processes could be integrated, collaboration among the operators of the sector could increase, ensuring a higher quality of the work realized according to the design intent.

The goal is to provide greater awareness of the processes oriented towards BIM and the possibilities they offer and how a designer must relate to these new ways of managing n-dimensional project information.

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