You want overview when it concerns your BIM process.

We take care of that. As BIM manager, we arrange the coordination on your behalf for the drafting and exchange of the BIM process.

Let us draft the protocols and work documents in a BIM file.

So, you will know for sure that all involved parties are provided at the right time, in the right format and in the right manner.

This way we avoid re-engineering, we reduce (failure) costs and we optimize your process.

  • Up-to-date information
  • Process optimalisation
  • Better coorperation
  • Costs redection


Your construction projects can be designed, realised and managed quicker, smarter and better. We like to assist you with this.

By developing integral 3D BIM models for the housing construction, utility construction and infra sector.

From preliminary design to the management and maintenance we are there for you.

We arrange everything, while in the meantime we optimise the process, reduce (failure) costs and improve the quality.

  • Lower (failure) costs
  • Clear communication
  • Leading
  • One contact person


As more than 70% of building designs are based on BIM, the need of custom BIM families for creating an intelligent 3D model is keep on rising.

Manufactures providing custom families for their products are more likely to be chosen by designers and BIM consultants firms to specify there needs on various projects.

We provide customized solutions for product manufactures, fabricators, architects, contractors and engineers who can get there products modelled according to their requirements using Autodesk Revit platform.

The BIM contents or families once created can be used in various projects according to the requirements, also there is provision to make changes in design during later stages.

With our specialized team in BIM content creation we can create high quality parametric families from 2D sketches or even from a free hand sketch provided.

Also we are keen about adding the necessary information into the 3D model generated. We do ensure that submittals, manufacture details, product code and all the necessary information is been added in the model.

BIM-Training & Education

Would you like to gain knowledge about BIM in your own organization? BIM NATION is the place to be.

From our experience and expertise, we have developed BIM training courses that we can possible adjust to your desires and requirements.

Learn from the specialists in the field of BIM and make sure that your employees are optimally training in the required hard and soft skills for performing a successful BIM project.


  • Experienced teachers
  • Practice-oriented
  • Direct applicable knowledge



You want to distinguish yourself with a tender compared to the competition.

We understand that like no other. Plus, we know exactly how we can assist you with this. By deploying various interactive 3D-techniques, we make your presentation clearer and we respond to the experience of the assessors.

Thanks to our unique tools you will get more out of the tenders in which you participate.

  • Higher success rate
  • Focus on the experience
  • Chronological presentations
  • Distinguish yourself


Would you like to renovate, extend or rebuild your existing building from an accurate base? We gladly assist you further with our 3D-Laserscans. Our 3D scanners quickly and accurately visualize existing buildings and objects.

The point cloud of millions of points as a result of this, is the base for us to create an ‘as-built’ 3D model. Therefore, you are never faced with dimension surprises again during the design, realization and management & maintenance stages.


  • Avoid dimensional deviations
  • Save time
  • Precision up to 2 millimetres
  • Extreme detailed BIM-model

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