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We are the innovators of the building sector. Our customers call us “BIM Masters”. That makes us really proud. Just as we are proud of our employees who have specialised knowledge of recent software in our field of expertise.

Together we optimise processes of building projects, we reduce construction errors and we bring the building costs down. All thanks to our knowledge and experience with the working method Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Regardless which project it concerns, we like to make a start for you. Practical and no-nonsense, quick and adequate. You can rely on that.

Also when it concerns last-minute work as we are known for our good handling of emergency assignments. We always provide input and we offer added value. We do this at every stage of the process to give your more grip and assurance, but above all to build better and more cost efficient.

Who we really are


BIM NATION offers full BIM (Building Information Modelling) management, consultancy and coordination duties, along with a host of supplementary services. Our team are capable of converting 2D plans into 3D/4D or even 5D systems for any discipline. We provide full BIM services allowing us to collaborate and manage any element of BIM projects for a client. Our goal is to make BIM an easy transition no matter who you are; the client, the project manager or even a principle design lead who has not yet taken the leap to the exciting new world of BIM.


The team at BIM NATION have been involved in all aspects of design for over 10 years.

Ar.Hamzah Meraj

Managing Principal & bim manager

Ar.Umair Bhura

bim manager, coordinator & expert

Ar.Ataullah Khan

bim coordinator


Consultant Architect & MEP Coordinator

Ar.Ashhar Shams Khan

Graphic designer Multimedia Artist & Animator

Ar. Tariq Jameel

bim modeller

International Architects Collaboration

Ar.Aniket Dikshit

Computational Designer
New York, United States of America

Ar.Abdul Rahim Soroor

Architect & BIM Coordinator
Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Ar.Haziq Hasan

Senior Project Manager & BIM Coordinator
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ar.Omid Shams

Architect & Urbanist

Ar.Bashir Abbas

BIM Expert & Manager
Abuja, Nigeria

Ar.Tresor Matala

Architect & BIM Coordinator
Democratic republic of Congo

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Design,Consulting, Training & Implementation, a Global Leader in Integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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4th floor, CRIBS Hospital, Kalandi Kunj Road, Near Jasola Vihar Metro Station, New Delhi 110025

(+91) 8826367018

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